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Protecting Your Online Reputation

In today’s digital world, your online reputation is more important than ever. With a few clicks, anyone can find out everything there is to know about you—and that includes potential employers, business partners, and customers. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to protect your online reputation. Here are four things you can do to get started.

1. Google yourself regularly.

One of the best ways to protect your online reputation is to keep tabs on what’s being said about you. Set up Google Alerts for your name and your company’s name so you’ll be notified anytime someone mentions you online. That way, you can take quick action if there’s ever a problem.

2. Monitor your social media accounts.

Your social media accounts are a big part of your online reputation, so it’s important to monitor them carefully. Make sure you’re regularly checking Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites where you have a presence. Respond quickly to any negative comments or reviews, and take steps to resolve the issue.

3. Be careful what you share online.

Anything you post online—including photos, videos, and status updates—can be used against you, so it’s important to think twice before hitting “share.” If you wouldn’t want your grandmother seeing it, chances are you shouldn’t share it with the rest of the world.

4. Manage your digital footprint.

In addition to monitoring what’s being said about you online, it’s also important to manage your digital footprint—that is, the trail of breadcrumbs you leave behind every time you go online. Take some time to clean up your social media accounts and remove anything that could damage your reputation. And if there’s something negative out there that you can’t remove, do your best to bury it with positive content.

Your online reputation is one of the most important aspects of your personal brand—so it’s important to take steps to protect it. By monitoring what’s being said about you online and managing your digital footprint carefully, you can make sure that your online reputation is working for—not against—you.

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